User Story: Carl's DIY Solar Adventure with Renogy to Empower His Home Office

User Story: Carl's DIY Solar Adventure with Renogy to Empower His Home Office

By Carl
renogys blog Sep 14th 2023

We are thrilled to share with you the remarkable tale of Carl who have embraced the power of solar to transform his home. Join us as we dive into the inspiring narratives that showcase the incredible journey from generators to solar, the pursuit of carbon-neutral home offices powered by the sun.

  • Discord & Community Name: NuclearStar
  • Location: UK
  • Solar Experience Year: Since COVID-19 pandemic
  • Application Scenario: Creating a carbon-neutral and off-grid home office
  • Shared on 05/07/2023

"Like a lot of people, when COVID hit, we got sent home.

Working in IT I already had a laptop and worked from home 1 day a week, but now it became 5 days a week. I needed to make my home working carbon neutral and off grid. I emailed a bunch of solar companies and managed to find a couple of ex-farm panels for cheap. I then needed to get the rest of the equipment.

After some research I found Renogy. They appeared to have everything that I could need to setup my home office DIY Solar adventure. The first thing I did was invest in a Rover 30A charge controller. This helped me charge my old car battery, I soon found that the battery was not good enough, so I jumped back onto the Renogy site and bought a 100Ah LIFEPO4 battery.

Now With the DC Home app, I could see both the controller and battery working great. 

Now I needed to power my office, so once again I jumped on the Renogy site and got a 2000w inverter, more than I could need for just a home office. Everything was working perfectly for a while, until I explored powering my air fryer or washing machine. For that I invested in another 100Ah battery to give a current that my inverter could fully use. This has worked great, I get to do free washing when my batteries are full or it is a sunny day.

I could only monitor the equipment if I was next to it as my office was quite far away from the solar gear. Then I found the Renogy One M1 and realised it uploaded the data to the internet, meaning I could monitor it from anywhere, now I have a fantastic little setup that I work on during the day, running my office, charging all my garden tool batteries, charging my sons tablet and powering my evening gaming sessions.

Renogy ONE Portal: A PC monitor working in association with Renogy ONE M1

I don't have any regrets buying Renogy over anyone else, the equipment compliments each other well and I am looking forward to seeing what else I could do to add to my system later.

Thanks Renogy for the zero carbon working environment"

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