Move over conventional homes! Tiny homes are all the rage these days, as retiring baby boomers and millennials flock to more flexible and affordable home accommodations. Even if you don’t fall into the boomer or millennial demographic, tiny homes are ideal as cozy getaway accommodations for those that prefer conventional homes or apartments. Don’t get us wrong, conventional homes are and always will be a great option for some, but the ever-growing appeal of a smaller, portable home is gaining serious traction in the US and Canada.

Here at Renogy, we have devoted a great portion of our manufacturing and design to off-grid products, so it’s no wonder that we have been closely following the tiny home movement. That’s why we are attending the 2016 Tiny Home Festival in Elkton, Florida. The Tiny Home Festival will take place on Friday, November 18th, 2016 at the St. Johns County Fairgrounds. The Festival will be a three-day, fun filled event where both vendors and tiny home enthusiasts can come together and see the newest and best that the off-grid market has to offer. Renogy will be showcasing its highly efficient off-grid panels, inverters, mounting supplies, and so much more. If that isn’t enough to make the trip out, the festival will also feature musical entertainment, workshops, and presentations.

So, we ask that you’ll pack up your bags and come visit us for a warm Florida weekend at the Tiny Home Festival. We will also be showcasing our new Lycan portable power generator. For more information about the Festival, visit We hope to see you there!