There have been several big changes in the solar power industry over the past week. Let Renogy keep you updated with our Top 3 news stories this week!

  • 1.Hawaii announced plans this week to construct the largest solar and energy storage plant to go live in 2018. This plant will combine solar energy and battery based energy storage to balance energy generation with peak demand. This will increase the Kauai Island Utility Cooperative’s renewable sourced generation to over 50%! Read the full article below

  • 2.The NFPA has officially posted their new National Electrical Codes for 2017. As with any new policy controversy exists. The new codes mandates a module-level shut down, which has been debated to increase safety but also increase industry costs. Could inverters be the solution to these new codes? Read more through the link below

  • 3.Thirteen school sites in the California San Gabriel Valley will celebrate newly installed solar! A total of 3.9MW has been installed in the Bonita Unified School District. The expected saving is over $26 million over the next 30 years. Read more about the new installations below!

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