The Mountainfilm Tour Features Fun, Fascinating Films

The Mountainfilm is all about the “indomitable spirit.” It’s a film tour and festival that features documentaries that cover an array of topics including: environmental, cultural, climbing, and social justice issues. This tour spans from the Pacific Northwest, to the Rocky Mountains, to the east coast and beyond. Here are five movies that are currently featured. See if they’re playing near you!

Johanna Under Ice

Finnish free-diver Johanna Norblad doesn’t just dive into water, she dives into water under ice. She is the world record holder for the 50-meter dive under ice. This documentary short highlights one of her dives under a frozen lake.

Where the Wild Things Plays

This inspiring documentary short shows all the incredible adventures women pursue. Whether they are backcountry skiing, climbing, slacklining, or mountain biking, they are getting outside and embracing their grit.

Lost in the Light

A short film that shows how much light pollution affects our view the night sky and outer space. It was mostly shot in California with beautiful time lapses of the sky.

Ditch the Van

After spending much of his time on tour as a musician, Ben Sollee bought a Xtracycle cargo bike and embarked on a five year adventure that would span over 5,000 miles. This short film documents his story and his experiences, and the clip above features Chapter One.

Mountainfilm Tour and Festival features many more outdoors films worth checking out.