Taking Renogy Gear on your Next Hike


Outdoor adventures are a lot of fun, especially when you are prepared for whatever nature has to throw at you. All across the world, hikers and campers venture into off-grid territory in all kinds of weather conditions. Even in the safest hiking and camping areas, you can run into unexpected bumps in the road. That’s why its more important than ever to make sure you are prepared. Renogy camping gear is designed to help you face Mother Nature, head on. Below are some examples of great camping or hiking gear for your next adventure:

Renogy E.FLEX5 OR E.FLEX10 Monocrystalline Portable Solar Panels:

E.FLEX Solar Panels are compact and extremely lightweight. They are the perfect size for attaching to a backpack, belt, or other accessory camping item. Each weighs under 12oz and can ACTUALLY recharge your cellphone or small radio, anytime, anywhere there is sun. It’s safer and more versatile than a portable battery bank. The only limitation is that the E.FLEX Panels can only (relatively quickly) charge small devices. To recharge or run larger devices, you’ll need a portable generator or other similar storage device (stay tuned to read about the Lycan and Phoenix).


Renogy E.LUMEN Multi-Functional Solar Flashlight:

The E.LUMEN Solar Flashlight really does it all. This flashlight is a must have for backpackers, hikers, campers, and anyone that owns a car. The E.LUMEN can completely recharge via the built-in solar panels, and also functions as a back up battery storage solution. Once the internal battery is charged, it can be used to charge a cell phone. If that isn’t enough, it comes includes a seatbelt cutter, glass shattering hammer, and even a compass. Did we mention that the powerful beam from the light can shine up to 200 meters?


Renogy Phoenix Generator 20W All-in-One Solar Power System:

The Phoenix Generator is an all-in-one portable power solution. The Phoenix includes a built-in inverter, power ports, and handle for easy use and transport. Since it also has 20W of built-in solar panels, the battery bank can recharge with sunlight. Charge your phone, laptops, radios, navigation equipment, cameras, and so much more. For further added convenience, the Phoenix can be charged via wall outlet, 12V car charging socket, or solar panels. Up to 100W of additional solar panels can be added to the system. Did we mention that it has a built-in flashlight as well?


Renogy Lycan Powerbox:

The Lycan Powerbox contains an interchangeable lithium iron phosphate battery that can last up to an astonishing 2000 cycles. Although it weighs in at 55lbs, it includes built-in wheels and a handle to make transport easier. Capable of handling up to 300W of solar panels, this power storage solution will help you tap into power when the grid is down. Can provide up to 1075 watt hours, ensuring that you can power your most important electronics while camping or during an emergency.


Renogy 100W and 160W Mono Flex Solar Panels:

Renogy’s new and improved line of flexible solar panels is better than ever. These panels function just as well as their glass and aluminum counterparts, but without the extra weight rigidity. The Flex Panels can bend to an impressive 248 degree arc, making them ideal for irregular surfaces. These panels weigh under 7.2lbs and will not shatter because the cells are protected with laminated materials. The panels are also less than a tenth of an inch thick, making them easy to store and set up when parked.