Efficiency and portability have never looked this good. The new Eclipse Solar Suitcases are a Renogy exclusive, and a new favorite. If you own or have tried an Eclipse 100W Monocrystalline Solar Panel, you’re already aware of the excellent efficiency and portability these panels have to offer. The Eclipse Solar Panels have higher module efficiency (18.35%) than the classic 100W Monocrystalline (15.47%) and Polycrystalline Solar Panels (14.56%). The 100W Eclipse Solar Panel Suitcase is also lighter (19.5lbs) than the classic suitcase panel (27.05lbs) and smaller. This ultimately means that the customer will have an easier time storing and transporting the Eclipse to its destination. Below are some additional features that the Eclipse Solar Suitcases have to offer:

  • Aligator Clips: These little clips make it easy to connect the solar panel to the battery bank
  • German Manufactured Solar Cells: As stated above, Eclipse Solar Cells are more efficient than the classic panels
  • Black Frame: Overall aesthetic quality. Still constructed out of lightweight, corrosion resistant aluminum material
  • Built-in Kickstand: Place the panel in optimal sunlight by propping it up with the kickstands
  • Sensors: Built-in voltage and temperature sensors
  • Charge Controller: Features a 30A Charge Controller that is incorporated into the suitcase; Negative ground controller with 4 stage charging
  • Protection: Folding case protects the solar cells from damage