Renogy is a global supplier of solar panels, mostly in the US, but also abroad. Though many customers recognize Renogy for selling panels under 100W, the Company also sells 240W, 250W, and 300W Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline solar panels. The larger Renogy brand solar panels have been used in a variety of solar projects internationally. Perhaps the most notable project was in 2013 in NIshiki, Japan: a 2.18mW solar farm composed of Renogy 230W Polycrystalline Solar Panels. Renogy has also completed similar large-scale projects in Austria, Italy, and China.

Since 2010, the solar industry has been booming in Latin America. According to GTM Research, Mexico, South America, and Central America have shown the fastest solar growth over the past year. Chile is one of a number of countries hopping on the solar bandwagon. Solar, however, is not just a trend. It is a valuable resource that can supply electricity to remote regions, those that have been untouched by the power grid. It is also a great way to supply inexpensive electricity to poverty stricken regions. According to the CIFRA, Chile’s energy agency, 982mW of non- traditional energy resources (biomass, wind, solar) were introduced in 2014. The country will soon have 400mW of solar capacity, much of that capacity located in the country’s northern deserts.

The northern regions of Chile are ideal for solar installation. There are vast areas of flat open space and the weather is exceptionally sunny. The Atacama Desert, located in northern Chile, has been a recent favorite for solar installation. On average, the northern region experiences roughly 6.44 hours of pure sunlight everyday. In January, the region sees up to 10.44 hours of sunlight per day. Currently, a 698mW Project spanning 2,000 acres is being constructed in the Atacama Desert. This large-scale project is expected to supply power to thousands of homes and businesses in the region.
The current solar boom in Latin America is not expected to slow down anytime soon. Those countries that have dry, sunny regions can benefit most from the use of solar panels. As the rise in demand for inexpensive electricity increases, it is likewise expected that the demand for solar panels will increase as well. Chile, like many other countries, has been partially subsidizing solar projects. Private investors are also playing their hand in the solar sphere, taking advantage of lower product costs.

While Renogy does not have any large-scale projects in South America, it has sold several panels to businesses and homeowners. Over time, the company hopes to establish a greater presence in Latin America, especially in countries like Chile that are willing to take the plunge into renewable energy resources.