How many times have you been out camping and wish you could power up your laptop, juice the iPhone, or simply hang a set of twinkle lights? Simple conveniences like this require the use of some sort of power. Solar kits are great options for those who spend days on the road in their motorhome, fifth wheel, or converted van, but what about weekend warriors and car campers who are looking for something a little extra to add to their camp experience?

We heard you. Like Goldilocks, the eFlex panel was too small, and the solar kit was too large, so we created something just right: the Lycan Powerbox, a solar panel generator that can also connect to shore power for a charge, or can integrate with a panel to consume green and clean energy for all your electrical needs.

Not only is the Lycan prime for camping, it serves double duty as your go-to emergency generator. Power outage? Connect lamps to the Lycan. Emergency situation? Charge your phone through the Lycan to stay up to date on the latest news.

If you’re spending any amount of time off-grid, but want to still snap photos with your iPhone or Galaxy, consider the Lycan. Attach up to 300w of solar panels to easily top off the power capacities for days, depending on usage. With 24AH of power, you can easily charge your phone or computer multiple times.

No sun it sight? Plug the Lycan into your 12V car socket, or into shore power. Within 12 hours, the Lycan will return to full charge for future uses.

We spoke to Britany Robinson, Managing Editor at The Dyrt Magazine, about her experience using the Lycan in her converted campervan, "The Lycan box makes my camper van more convenient and comfortable. I power a couple strings of Christmas lights (a necessary vibe, year-round) and charge my phone and laptop regularly. In the summer, I also run a little fan. I often work in my van while traveling and camping, and that wouldn't be possible without dependable power."

Whether you're preparing for a natural disaster or are preparing for a weekend in the woods, the Lycan Powerbox is the solar panel generator to satisfy all your power needs.