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The silence and serenity of state and national parks is hard to beat. That’s why many travel to these parks to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Due to an increase in RV ownership, many parks have placed noise restrictions on visitors. While some parks have completely banned noisy gas generators, others have limited the hours during which they may run. Due to these restrictions, many campers and RV owners have turned to solar power generation to keep the lights on. Solar panels silently generate clean electricity from a completely renewable energy source- sunlight. In response to the rising demand for solar panels that are suitable for recreational vehicles, Renogy designed its first RV Kits. These RV Kits come with just what one needs to create a solar power system on an RV or bus rooftop: solar panels, mounting supplies, wiring, and a charge controller. Even better news, through January 27th, 2019, all standard RV Kits are 15% off the regular sticker price, only at


RV Bus and Van Travel- RV Kits

RV travel has never been easier, thanks to improvements in GPS, internet reviews, and weather prediction technology. Road trips can be planned weeks in advance, or at the drop of a hat. The Renogy RV Kit will ensure that you’re never left without power. RV Kits not only add convenience, but they are also essential for safety while on the road. RV Kits are also suitable for less conventional purposes, such as van and bus living. Minimalists flock to simpler and more efficient means of travel, and vans and busses simply mean less stuff and often, less fuel consumption. The mounting equipment included in each Renogy RV Kit is suitable for van, bus, and RV rooftops (though the holes must be properly sealed). Save now and ensure a safe and fun road trip in the future.


Dry Camping- Solar Suitcases

If you don’t own an RV or camper, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy state and national parks. In fact, many prefer to “rough it” with traditional tent or dry camping. While outdoors, it can be easy to forget about charging essential electronics such as phones, radios, and GPS devices. Even if its just a short camping trip, many enjoy using their phones and Bluetooth speakers to listen to music and keep up with the latest news. We understand that it can be difficult to transport a full size panel to and from a campground. That’s why Renogy designed a line of solar suitcases ranging from 100-200W. These solar suitcases neatly fold into about half the size of a traditional panel, making them easier to carry. These solar suitcases are more practical for weekend campers that aren’t interested in permanent installation. During this sale, enjoy 10- 15% off regular sticker price of these solar suitcases.


Boats and RVs- Flexible Solar Panels

Flexible Solar Panels are newer items to the Renogy inventory, but they are quickly becoming the most popular. Flexible Solar Panels are sometimes preferred over traditional solar panels, as they weigh much less (under 7lbs) and can flex to fit irregular surfaces. Flexible solar panels are suitable for temporary and semi permanent installation. Due to the fact that they do not contain glass, they will not shatter upon impact or crack. Flexible panels are perfect for many applications, including boats, RVs, vans, campers, and caravans. Some just prefer to store them and pull them out during a power outage or other emergency. No matter how you decide to use them, enjoy 10% off the regular sticker price during the Save Now, Adventure Later Sale.


Pure Sine Wave Inverters- Needed to Convert DC to AC Power to Power Consumer Appliances

Pure Sine Wave Inverters are essential anytime you need to power an AC appliance. The power produced and stored by the solar panels is direct current. Most standard consumer appliances require alternating current to charge. That means that almost anytime you use solar panels, you will need an inverter to actually charge your appliances. Typical appliances that rely on AC current include coffee makers, laptops, tablets, and so much more. Since this is an essential, why not purchase one during a sale? Save 10-15% off regular sticker price during this great sale.