There’s nothing we love more than a good road trip. That’s why we’ve expanded our product collection to encompass RV travel and off-grid needs. In case you haven’t visited our online store lately, Renogy carries a line of RV Solar Kits, designed specifically for the unique needs of an RV, travel camper, or conversion van. Since many state parks have imposed limitations on the use of gas generators because of noise, RV owners are increasingly switching over to solar panels. The conversion to solar is also a product of cost efficiency and environmental concern: solar panels only require sunlight, so RV owners will never have to rely on gas.

At a first glance, the RV Solar Kit looks a lot like the earlier Starter Kit; however, if you look a little closer you’ll notice two significant differences: the length of the wiring and the flush mount charge controller. The RV Solar Kit includes a 30ft MC4 Adapter Kit, which is 10ft longer than the wiring included in the Starter Kit. This gives RV owners the flexibility to install the solar panels a greater distance from the batteries. Unlike the standard PWM Charge Controller included in the Starter Kit, the RV Kit includes an Adventurer Charge Controller, which is designed for easy flush mounting on the interior of an RV or camper. Like many of the other off-grid solar kits, the RV Kit also includes lightweight Z Brackets for mounting, as well as a battery cable. No matter where the road takes you, you can always depend on an RV Solar Kit for back-up power and battery charging.

Besides the RV Kits, Renogy carries several suitable off-grid panels that can be purchased for camping or other outdoor excursions. Such panels include the 50W-100W Mononcrystalline and Polycrystalline panel varieties, as well as the foldable panels and portable generators. The Renogy Firefly is a small, portable solar generator (with built-in batter) that is designed to recharge larger electronics such as laptops or tablets, while the 60W and 100W Solar Suitcases are more like a traditional panel with folding capabilities. Both are great choices for portability and ease of use.

With all of Renogy’s new off-grid products, it should come as no surprise that we’ll be renting a booth at the RVIA California RV Show at the Pomona Fairplex. This RV show has been running for 64 years and counting and features a wide range for RV dealers, manufacturers, and related retailers. At least 17 California dealers will be at the show featuring the newest pop-up campers, truck campers, fifth wheels, travel trailers, toy haulers, and class A, B, and C RVs. Renogy will be showcasing its RV Solar Kits, as well as its off-grid panels and portable generators. Located less than an hour away from the Renogy headquarters and downtown LA, it is conveniently located and perfect for a day out. We hope to see you there!

The RV Show will take place from October 7th-16th, 10am-6pm daily. The Fairplex is located at 2200 N. White Ave - Gate 9, Pomona, CA 91768. For further information and inquiries, visit