Renogy Product Spotlight: June

Summer is heating up around the country, and right now it is a great time to purchase solar products. This month, Renogy is unveiling a number of new product options, right in time for the warm weather and sun. Unfortunately, summer also happens to be a season of storms and power outages. Renogy solar products are perfect for keeping your essential electronics or even appliances charged and powered, even when the grid power is no longer working. Below is a quick summary of recently released products:

Renogy 50W Mini-Eclipse Monocrystalline Solar Panel

If you love your 100W Eclipse Solar Suitcase, you’ll love the 50W Mini Eclipse! The Mini Eclipse features the highest efficiency solar cells that Renogy has to offer, meaning you need less panel to do the same charging job. Standing at 23.4x20.8’’ and weighing in at under 13lbs, the Mini Eclipse is ideal to stow-and-go and is designed for that exact purpose (no mounting necessary). The back of the panel includes a built-in kickstand, so the solar cells can be tilted toward the sunlight. Take this panel with you to your next campground!


Renogy 38000mAh Portable Charger Power Bank

The Renogy 38000mAh Portable Charger is perfect for recharging phones, cameras, tablets, or any other 5V USB powered device. As long as the voltage and current output meet the device’s requirements, you’re good to go. This portable battery has an unusually large battery capacity, making it ideal for longer camping, hiking, or emergency power outages. This power bank has multiple outputs, meaning that multiple devices can be charged simultaneously. Speaking of emergencies- the power bank doubles as a flashlight!


Renogy Solar Backpack:

The Renogy Solar Backpack is the perfect companion, whether you’re hiking or strolling around campus. What makes this backpack unique is its built-in 5.6W solar panel, which can recharge a phone or other small USB device while on the go. Under full sunlight, the panel can recharge a smartphone in about 2.5 hours. The backpack is made of strong, heavy polyester fabric, and the built-in solar panel is completely waterproof. The backpack itself has a roomy interior with several pockets for great organization. It can even hold a 16’’ tablet or laptop!