In the spring, most of America is still slowly defrosting from the harsh winter chill. Flowers begin blooming and the sun comes out just a little bit more, with April showers sure to follow. A famous playwright and poet perhaps said it best: “April hath put a spirit of youth in everything.” That spirit of youth gives way to the warmer temperatures and beautiful May flowers. Amongst all the sunshine, greenery, and the excitement of children and grandchildren commencing summer break, it may be easy to forget about a very important national holiday that falls at the end of May: Memorial Day. For most, it is perhaps just another legal holiday that doesn’t involve going to work early on Monday morning. For some, Memorial Day is a sobering reminder of the sacrifice a loved one or friend has given to protect our invaluable freedom.

Every year, Memorial Day falls on the last Monday of May. Traditionally, that last weekend involves several parades, fireworks, and trips to the newly opened public pools and beaches. However, this holiday means so much more. This Memorial Day weekend, take some time to remember those brave individuals who have fought and died for our freedom. Renogy wishes you a fun and safe Memorial Day.