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Holiday Sale

The holidays are here and Renogy has the deals to kick your winter solar projects into high gear to make 2021 shine! For the solar curious on your shopping list, use this **HOLIDAY SALE LINK** to save 12% on RV and Cabin starter kits, 15% on premium kits, a whopping 20% on all Phoenix Power Stations...and a whole lot more!

FREE E.LUMEN Multifunctional Flashlight with the purchase of any E.POWER Solar Charger!

Renogy everyday gear that makes great stocking stuffers! The E.LUMEN is a combo flashlight, phone charger, integrated seat belt cutter, and glass shattering hammer (or self-defense tool) -- complete with magnetic attachment. Keep it in a backpack or vehicle for various emergencies. The E.POWER Solar Chargers (available in 10000mAh to 24000 mAh) are a must have for anyone who spends a good deal of time outside and uses their phone or tablet to take pictures or video, which tends to drain the battery quickly. We take our 24K mAh E.POWER Solar Charger with us nearly everywhere we go -- hiking, kayaking, cycling, etc. It will charge small USB A and C devices very quickly, so you’ll be back in action in no time. **Use this link to get a FREE E.LUMEN with the purchase of the E.POWER Solar Charger of your choice!**

20% Off Phoenix Power Stations

Phoenix Power Stations have a high energy density battery pack in a compact form and each are equipped with multiple output ports so they can charge a variety of devices and small appliances simultaneously. Power Stations are perfect for car camping, vanlife, road trips, music festivals, athletic events, tailgate parties, and even power outages at home. When we aren’t able to get the sun we need, we pull out our Phoenix Power Station and charge it up in the truck while driving. We then have all the power we need to make it through a few days without sunshine. These power stations come in the 100, 200, and 300 styles as listed below and can be recharged via a car utility port, solar panel, or wall outlet.

Phoenix 200 Power Station

With 189WH battery capacity, this power station will provide many hours of power to a wide variety of devices and small appliances. It includes: 3 USB-A ports, 1 USB-C port, 1 DC output port, 1 cigarette lighter port, and 2 110V AC outlets. This unit also includes an emergency light on its built-in handle. This unit pairs well with a 50W E.FLEX Solar Panel, on sale below!

Phoenix 300 Power Station

With 337WH battery capacity, this power station is a true workhorse. It includes: 2 USB-A ports, 1 Quick Charge USB-A port for higher voltage appliances, 1 USB-C port, 1 cigarette lighter port, 1 D-Tap port for photo/video equipment, and 1 110V AC outlet. This unit also includes an emergency light on its built-in handle. This unit pairs well with a 50W E.FLEX Solar Panel, on sale below, or any 100W Solar Panel.

20 % off 50W E.FLEX Portable Solar Panel

This compact, lightweight 50W Solar Panel works with just about any solar-ready portable power station on the market today. Check out the following video to see how simple it is to make use of these small portable panels.

15% off 5W/10W MPPT Trickle Charger Battery Maintainer

These small 5W and 10W solar panels will trickle charge your 12V lead acid battery when not in use. Perfect for those who store their RV’s over the winter months. Skip the need for disconnecting your batteries and storing them in the garage. This small solar system will keep your batteries maintained for long periods of storage and combat against a battery’s self-discharge, especially in colder temperatures.

10% off 20A Portable AC to DC LFP Charger*

This handy Portable AC to DC Charger, designed to specifically work with Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries, has been a real lifesaver during times when the rain simply won’t end, or the forest is too densely shaded to get an effective solar charge. Connecting this charger to an external power source (shore power), brings the LiFePo batteries back up in no time. It’s a great backup solution for those rare times that your location and solar gain just aren’t in sync, and with such a small footprint it is easy to store away for those occasions. Check out our recent blog about this product.

10% off 30A & 50A DC-DC MPPT Dual Input Battery Chargers*

This multi-stage, multi-input battery charger can charge a service/house battery from an alternator connected to a starting battery or by utilizing solar panels connected directly to the unit. While your vehicle's alternator prioritizes your starting battery, this unit will allow your solar system to charge your service battery first, then trickle charge your starting battery. Available in 30A or 50A versions, this unique product eliminates the need for a separate charge controller altogether, and with MPPT technology built-in, you know you’re getting the most efficient transfer of your solar energy. Check out our installation video of the DC to DC on board battery charger which will give you a good idea of the steps involved.

10% off BT-2 Bluetooth Module — Renogy DC Home App*

Compatible with 50A/30A DC-DC MPPT Battery Chargers and other critical components of your system, this BT-2 Module takes your solar power monitoring to the next level. Use this for easy access to data and parameters straight from your mobile device using the Renogy DC Home App. Using the app is far easier than a more traditional battery monitoring system. Note: mobile users who are familiar with the Renogy BT app should gradually begin switching over to the Renogy DC app, as this will be the platform which receives the latest updates and support. Read our blog on BT modules to get a fuller picture on the difference between the two BT modules and apps.

*For products above marked with an asterisk (*), use our “CANLIFE” promo code at checkout for 10% off as they are not on sale at this time.

Make 2021 Shine with Solar!

Since winter is the best time for projects, Renogy is offering some great deals on both Starter and Premium Kits to help your off-grid cabin, van, or RV kick the gas generator habit for good! Remember, any of these 1st or 2nd home projects qualify for the federal tax incentive rebate program, but after the new year the percentage reduces -- so act quickly and save.

Save 12% on Starter Kits

These are designed to get you installing and collecting solar power for your van, RV or cabin in no time. Starter Kits include solar panels, connectors, mounting brackets, wiring and an appropriately sized charge controller for the system. Remember! These kits do NOT include batteries (energy storage) or inverters (for transferring DC power to AC power), which are essential pieces of any solar-powered system. However since all Renogy components are designed to “Plug and Play” you won’t have any problems with product compatibility.

100W Solar Starter Kit - For Vans or Small Campers with low energy needs

200W Solar Starter Kit - For Vans or Small Campers with low energy needs
400W Solar Starter Kit - For Mid-Sized RVs with moderate energy needs
100W Solar Expansion Kit -- A great addition to any starter kit if you need to collect just a bit more power.

15% Off Premium Kits (600W & 800W Only)

This is the next level for solar kits. If you’re thinking about going full-time or living and working on the road, this is a long term investment you’ll want to consider. Premium Kits come in 12V or 24V and include the same components as the Starter Kits, with the main difference being the type and size of the charge controller. Premium Kits come with a Rover Series charge controller which offers the more efficient MPPT technology as opposed to the PWM technology available in the Starter Kits.

600W Premium Solar Kit (12V) -- For larger RVs or small cabins with moderate energy needs
600W Premium Solar Kit (24V) -- For larger RVs or small cabins with moderate energy needs
800W Premium Solar Kit (12V) -- For large RVs or small cabins with higher energy needs
800W Premium Solar Kit (24V) -- For large RVs or small cabins with higher energy needs

To get you rolling on your own project, check out our helpful blogs:

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If you need further explanation or help with troubleshooting your solar installation, give us a shout! We are educators by trade and love to help people get started with solar. If we don’t know the answers, we’ll get in touch with our Renogy Engineer friends. Please contact us via our website or social media listed below.

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