Renogy Flex Panels are Back

A few years ago, Renogy released a 100W flex panel. It quickly sold out, and we realized it was a hit. Instead of restocking, we started redesigning to make it even better. After all, flex panels are great for boats and airstreams, both of which have curved surfaces. If the flex factor isn’t enough, flexible panels are easier to store and mount because they are ultra lightweight. Over the past two months, we’ve added two new flex panels to our inventory, the 100W and 160W Monocrystalline Flexible Solar Panels. Both are priced under $300.00, well below the price of comparable competitors’ products.


Flex panels can safely bend or arch to 248 degrees, making them easier to affix to arched or curved surfaces. Since they are flexible and made out of laminated cells, they do not contain any glass and will not shatter or break. This is great if you plan on storing the panels or reassembling at every campground. Both weighing under 6.5 lbs, they are a fraction of the weight of their traditional glass and aluminum counterparts. The flex panels are also 95% thinner than their traditional counterparts, meaning that they are much easier to stack and store for a road trip or an emergency.

There isn’t much to dislike about Renogy Flexible Solar Panels. In fact, many of our customers prefer them above traditional panels for frequent stop-and-go travel, airstreams, and boats. Make the switch today!