We can’t deny our love for fireworks and beachside barbeques. We can, however, deny our enthusiasm for traditional grid power. Everyday across America, homeowners and RV enthusiasts waste endless amounts of grid power and throw away money to the utility companies. Instead of planning your trips around power hookups, leave your home and go on an adventure. Solar panels are a great investment for those looking to save a little money on power expenses while also doing good for the environment. That’s why Renogy is holding its 3rd annual Red White and Blue Sale! Shop Renogy.com between June 29th and July 15th to experience spectacular savings on some of our most popular items.

Do you have a remote cabin in the woods? What about a work shed that cannot be connected to the grid? We certainly have a solar kit for that! Renogy Cabin Kits range in size from 1000W to 4500W and include all of the components needed to start an off-grid system, less the battery bank (can be purchased separately). A solar power system is a quiet, cost effective solution for any small, remote space. Some of our customers have even installed them on beach huts! All Cabin Kits are 10% off this week.

All MPPT Starter Solar Kits are also on sale this week. Starter Kits aren’t just for beginners to solar- they’re actually a great choice for anyone looking for a very basic kit. Each kit is for off-grid use, perfect for an RV, boat, camper, or trailer. Included in each Starter Kit is an MPPT Charge Controller- one that includes Maximum Point Power Tracking technology, which makes the system more efficient, while also extending the life of the battery bank. As the name implies, it is a “Starter” or more basic kit than many of the others available. That means you will have to purchase an inverter and battery separately. All MPPT Starter Kits are 15% off this week.

RV adventures are our favorite kinds of adventures. You can travel all over the US without having to shell out any cash for a hotel room. To add to the versatility of an RV, you’ll never have to book in advance or worry about busy tourist seasons. You can give yourself some extra travel independence by installing solar panels on your RV. Besides saving money on electrical hookups or fuel, you can harness the power of the sun to keep your favorite electronics running while away from a campsite. One added bonus is the quiet charging- many state and federal campgrounds have noise regulations that limit the times when traditional generators can be turned on. This week, you can buy a new RV kit at a great discount! All RV Kits are 10% off this week.

Last but not least, Renogy 1000W and 2000W Inverters and 10W-30W Solar Panels are on sale. If you plan on purchasing a Starter Kit, you will need to purchase an inverter, as they are both off-grid systems. As you may already know, inverters are necessary for off-grid systems because they convert DC electricity into AC electricity, the kind that is necessary to run many consumer electronics. The 10W-30W Solar Panels are perfect for emergency situations as they are small, light, and can easily be stored in a closet or trunk. These inverters and small panels are 20% off this week.

This year, don’t wait to purchase a solar power system. The Renogy Red White and Blue Sale is the perfect excuse to purchase that solar panel or kit you’ve been dreaming about. During the Sale, the bestselling Phoenix Portable Generator is also $150 off! That’s one of the best prices you’ll see all year. For more information about the sale, visit our homepage at www.renogy.com.