Product Spotlight: Renogy Solar Backpack

Today’s world is busy, fast paced, and jammed packed with activities. It’s easy to leave the house without charging your phone or other electronics, only to discover that they’re out of power when you need to use them. Not only is this an inconvenience, it can also prevent you from getting assistance in the event of an emergency. What if you could combine a portable, completely off-grid charger to your everyday “carry-on?” Well, we’ve thought of a product that does just that. Meet the Renogy Solar Backpack.

The Solar Backpack is one of the newest additions to the Renogy product line, which is rapidly expanding into “every day” solar products. While Renogy started out with a strictly solar panel and solar panel accessories line, it is moving into consumer friendly, hand-held products. The Renogy Solar Backpack is extra durable, featuring heavy polyester fabric and a waterproof 5.6W solar panel on the front exterior. The solar panel can recharge small electronics such as a cell phone or radio while on the go, without any dependence on grid power.


The interior of the backpack doesn’t disappoint, as it has multiple compartments for superior organization. The inner pockets are ideal for larger electronics or books, while the outer pockets are designed for storing smaller items, such as keys, change, or an ID. This backpack is also designed for serious storage, measuring at 18.1 x 11.8 x 5.9 inches, meaning that it could work as a schoolbook bag or a hiking backpack. The Solar Backpack also includes a 5V USB charging port to keep your most loved electronics in full charge, just about anytime, anywhere you can find sunlight. If you don’t want to carry your items on your back, there is also a nifty handle sewed onto the top. By using the solar backpack, you’ll also avoid some of the downfalls of using a traditional solar panel. The solar panel installed on this backpack doesn’t use any glass, so it will not crack or shatter. It can also survive and work well with minor punctures, drops, and shocks.


If you’re ready to use a backpack that combines versatility and practicality, then the Renogy Solar Backpack is for you. Available in a popular shade of black, this backpack is perfect for any trip or outing. For more information, please visit: