Camping without electronics can be relaxing, but bringing a phone, radio, or navigation device along is essential for safety. While out in the wilderness, its possible to lose your way or even encounter a medical emergency, making a radio, navigation device, or even a phone a lifesaving item. The Renogy Rugged Power Pack is perfect for keeping these devices charged while off-grid. The RPP can store a lot of power because it contains a 400WH lithium Ion battery bank. That means that you’ll never be left in the dark on the trails.

Bringing the RPP with you on a trip is a breeze due to its relatively small size and travel features. Specifically, the RPP weighs only 12.3 lbs, making it lighter than some of the competitor’s products. While it may be too heavy to carry on a hiking trip, it’s certainly suitable to carry and leave at a campsite. Carrying the RPP is a comfortable experience due to the built-in handle and sleek square design. The Lithium ion battery can be recharged with solar (120W Max), 12 DC, and AC power, making it incredibly versatile. The RPP can be charged before you leave, at home, or at the campsite with solar panels. Since the RPP already includes a built-in 300W inverter, it is ready to charge your most loved electronics whenever you need them, up to four at a time (there are a total of 4 output ports).

If you’re not into camping but are still admiring the RPP, never fear! Its great for emergencies and power outages. It includes a jump starter capable of delivering up to 400A to assist with unexpected car troubles. While this product normally retails for $419.99, its on sale for only $339.14 at Amazon (we currently don’t carry this special product on