Every single day, we work hard to make sure our customers have an excellent shopping experience. From customer service, to technical support, and even post-purchase support, we’re here to help. Since we launched our first online store site over 5 years ago, we’ve spent a tremendous amount of time developing the perfect online shopping experience. During this time, we’ve discovered is that there is no perfect online shopping experience. However, we did realize that customers like simplicity; a one-stop shop where they can use tools to calculate what they need, research the different product options, and get the best views of each product. We’ve switched platforms, hired web developers, and have an on-site coding expert. Even though we’ve improved our site tremendously over the past 5 years, like most things in life, we still consider it a work in progress.

We made the switch to BigCommerce about 2 years ago, after being dissatisfied with a different ecommerce software product. Over these 2 years, we’ve seen an explosion of sales. BigCommerce has so many great features that help us connect with our customers. Take for example, the excellent site map the software has to offer. Specifically, the homepage allows us to display our best deals and new products, show our customers where to learn about solar products, and gives customers a map of all of our different product categories. We even have real-time customer product reviews running across the bottom of the page. You can really determine the quality and usefulness of a product from the insight of customers who have already purchased. How helpful is that?

Most of the major work comes with the product pages. Online shopping just isn’t the same as brick and mortar shopping, especially because you can’t see AND feel the products before you purchase. Therefore, designing a product page that engages customers is difficult. We make sure to frequently update the product photos and put together manuals so the customer can make an informed purchasing decision. Our hope is that if we can put out as much information as possible, it will lower product return rates and increase customer satisfaction.

We obviously put a lot of pride into our online store. That’s why we didn’t hesitate to enter our site into a contest for the best design. We recently entered the BigCommerce Design Award contest and we’ve made it into the top 22 submissions. Of these finalists, only 5 will actually win. If you’ve visited our website and enjoyed your experience, please be sure to vote for us as http://wshe.es/D1E1Fm4c. Voting is open through April 29th, and you may vote for us once every day. Thank you for your support!