RV camping has quickly become popular for families, adventurists, and outdoorsmen alike. Many people enjoy camping in areas with little or no access to the grid, often called “Boondocking,” but run into the issue of needing small electronics without access to electricity. If this sounds like you then the Renogy Portable RV Kit is a great option!

Our newest addition to the line of kits that we offer allows one to permanently mount their included 30A Adventurer Charge Controller (now 12 OR 24V!) to the inside of their RV, protecting it from weather damage. With the 100W solar suitcase and extension cables you can park in the shade while your panel is in the sun. It gives you optimizable power outdoors with the ability to move your panel with the sun!

The Portable RV Kit allows you to harness the sun’s energy without missing even a second of peak solar time. Check out the link below to purchase today!