If you’ve been following Renogy for the past few years, you’d know that we’re a somewhat newer company. Unlike many of the other solar companies out there, we don’t have a parent company or any special investors. Renogy started at the bottom and is slowly but surely working its way to the top. Founded by an ambitious physics PhD student from Louisiana State University, Renogy was a small start up. Although Renogy did receive some assistance from the Louisiana Business and Technology Center (LSU), all of the legwork came from the company’s founder and present CEO, as well as a handful of employees. We’ve come a long way since our days in Baton Rouge.

Recently, Renogy has started selling on Jet.com and launched its new online store with Big Commerce (new URL: Renogy.com). The move to a single URL has streamlined the research and purchasing process for customers. We’ve also increased product offerings into small-scale generators (i.e. the Lycan and Firefly) as well as a line of camping products. Although we are pushing into new markets and taking larger strides, we always like to revisit our values to remind us what Renogy is all about.

Here at Renogy, we strive to educate the public about the importance of clean energy and the positive impact of solar energy. Our goal is to create high quality products at affordable prices, so the public can bring solar into their homes or businesses without breaking the bank. We enjoy helping customers save money on their electricity bills while at the same time reducing their carbon footprints. We also realize that we wouldn’t be here without all of our customers. Renogy strives to make the solar purchasing process simple by employing a team of knowledgeable sales associates and engineers. We also employ a great logistics team to ensure that orders arrive on time and returns are handled quickly. Renogy would like to thank its customers for several years of business together, and we look forward to more in the future.