Newest Additions: Renogy Camping Gear


Fall is just around the corner, and we’re just relieved that the summer heat is finally dying down. Fall is a great season for many reasons- bonfires, hot cocoa, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the list just goes on. Cooler temperatures make for generally safer daytime hikes and runs, certainly less risk for overheating. Its also more comfortable to sleep in the cooler and less humid night air, making fall a great time to catch up on camping. This year, Renogy has added a number of great camping accessories to its product lineup. Below is a short summary list:

Carabiner with Knife:

If climbing is your thing, this product may be your best friend. This carabiner is special because it includes a hidden knife that can quickly be opened to cut through rope, branches, or other brush. It also includes a quick release feature for ease of use and convenience. Constructed from aluminum and stainless steel, it has a sleek, shiny appearance and resists rusting.


Mosquito Zapper:

Bugs are pesky, but mosquitos are known carriers of several dangerous human diseases. If you have a dog, you’d also know that heartworm is spread exclusively through mosquito bites. That’s reason enough to despise these little guys, right? Mosquito populations dip in cooler regions in the fall, but they’re still out there! Make your camping area a little bit safer and more comfortable with the Renogy Mosquito Zapper. With a 365NM wavelength light, this Zapper create a fatal attraction for mosquitoes and achieves great trapping results. Even better, no chemicals or other pesticides are necessary. 


15-in-1 Multi-tool Plier:

We love multi-tools because we love multi-tasking. In fact, we love just about anything that requires a one time purchase but gives us several different items in return. This Multi-tool Plier is perfect for camping, fishing, hiking, and even tasks around the home! It neatly folds, so you’d never guess it was a multi-tool. Fabulous! Here are the various tools that are included in this ONE item: (1) Needle nose plier (2) Regular plier (3) Wire cutter (4) Hook remover (5) Ruler (6) Fish Scaler (7) Phillips Screwdriver (8) Small flat screwdriver (9) Bottle opener (10) Knife (11) Saw blade (12) Medium flat screwdriver (13) Can opener (14) Metal file (15) Large flat screwdriver.


Renogy Solar Backpack:

Whether you’re adventure is at a college campus or deep in the woods, its always nice to have a fully charged cell phone. In certain cases, its dangerous to be without a phone or radio. The Renogy Solar Backpack includes an integrated 5.6-watt solar panel and 5V USB charging port, meaning that your phone or radio can charge wherever there is sunlight.