This land is your land, and it’s used a lot. From hiking, to biking, skiing, kayaking, and more, our national parks see a lot of faces and feel a lot of use each year. That’s why it’s important that everyone pitch in and support the National Park Service for National Park Week. Starting April 21, national parks will be celebrated for all that they offer throughout the country.

To take part in the celebration, here are four ways you can support and ensure that our parks stay protected:


Want a reason to take a trip to your favorite national park? Here’s one: sign up to be a national park volunteer. From trail cleanup, to waste removal, to citizen science—there is so much you can offer the National Park Service. Check out opportunities here.


Giving money is always a sure and direct way to help the National Park Service. You can do a one-time giveaway, or set up a monthly or annual donation. Donations in the name of a friend or loved one are also available.

Get Gear

Numerous brands and organizations have started to create national park inspired apparel. Brands like Parks Project donate part of their profits to projects that need funding, and they also create super cool t-shirts.

Be Creative

The National Park Service offers an opportunity any artist, videographer, photographer, or writer can’t pass up. Artists and creators stay in National Parks so that they can be inspired by its liveliness and beauty. Then, they go on to share their work and educate others about the national parks. Apply here.