Introducing Renogy Tool Kits

The Intro:

The US is slowly beginning to slip into the dog days of summer. You know, that time of the year when school’s out, its too hot to sit outside for any extended period of time, and your steering wheel could probably burn your hands off. Right now though, it’s still warm enough to get some work done outside, granted, you use plenty of SPF. Late spring/early summer is a great time to get some much-needed “housekeeping” done. You know, that door that needs to be fixed? Or what about that chair with the loose leg? Right now you can take advantage of the wonderful outdoor weather and take care of those much-needed repairs around the home and yard.        

The Goods:

Renogy recently introduced two tool kits to its store inventory, the 46-Piece and 65-Piece Tool Kits. Both kits have just about every tool you’ll need to make repairs or updates around your home, business, or apartment. The kits are also perfect for emergencies or even for working on a vehicle! Both kits come with compact carrying cases that include non-slip handles. The tools that do include metal are composed of high-grade steel, enhancing the quality and efficacy of the tools. The tool handles are composed of hard plastic with soft grip handles for maximum comfort without sliding. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are just around the corner (hint hint).

If you’ve been putting something off during the winter, now’s the time to get it done! These Tool Kits are currently part of our Power Deal promotion. If you’re never heard of our Power Deal promos, listen up: purchase and review the Power Deal product on Amazon in exchange for an Amazing Gift Card that equals the difference between the listing prices on Amazon and Renogy. Happy shopping!