Happy Thanksgiving and Hello Black Friday

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time where we gather with friends and family and give thanks for all of the great things and people in our lives. This is a day traditionally filled with cooking, chatting and watching a good movie (It’s a Wonderful Life). Here at Renogy, we’d like for our employees to experience the holidays at home, with their families. That’s why we’re closed on Thanksgiving Day. However, we’re back in full swing for Black Friday, one of our biggest online shopping days of the entire year.

Hopefully, you’ve subscribed to our email list so you get regular updates about sales and new products. If you haven’t, it’s unlikely that you’ve heard about some of our spectacular Black Friday sales. Below is a little list of our great limited time sales, only at Renogy.com from November 24-26th:

15% off Suitcase and Phoenix Bundle:

This duo is perfect for the off-grid wanderer. Travel far from the grid without sacrificing the use of lifesaving communication equipment or essential electronics. The included solar suitcase is 100W, while the Phoenix has an additional 20W of its own solar panels. Place this duo in the sun and the Phoenix can recharge in as little as 2.5 hours!

20% off the Lycan Powerbox

With an interchangeable LiFePO4 battery, a max solar input of 300 watts, and a total of three different ways to charge, this conveniently packaged mobile storage unit is ideal for meeting unexpected situations head on. It’s great for power outages, off-grid excursions, and using small, portable medical devices. You don’t have to pick up and haul, as it comes with a built in handle and wheels! Give the gift of power with a Lycan Powerbox!

15% off all RV Kits

Don’t let the product title deceive you: RV Kits are off-grid kits that can be used on boats, trailers, motorhomes, sheds, and so much more. Each RV Kit features your choice of panels, mounting gear, wiring, branch connectors, and a charge controller. Basically, it’s all that you need for an off-grid system less the battery bank!

10% off all Charge Controllers

Charge controllers are necessary for all off-grid power systems. They regulate the flow of charge to the battery bank to prevent over-charge and discharge. If you’re looking to upgrade your existing system to a better controller, right now is the time to do so. Renogy has recently launched its first waterproof charge controller, the Voyager! Stop by and see all of the great controllers that we have to offer!

15% off the 100W Solar Suitcase

If you’re a fan of the oh-so-popular Renogy 100W Monocrystalline Solar Panel, but you’re looking for something that’s easier to carry and set up, the 100W Solar Suitcase is just what you’re looking for. The 100W Solar Suitcase folds in half, making it more compact and easier to carry that a regular 100W Solar Panel. The built-in handle and stands allow for easier transport and set-up, making it an ideal choice for a campground. Take one on your next trip!

15% off all Cabin Kits

If you like working in your remote cabin or shed but have to stop when it gets too dark, say no more! By installing a Cabin Kit, you could keep the lights on well after it gets dark. Our customers have also commented that its perfect for recharging tools! Cabin Kits are off-grid kits, so they can really be used on most smaller structures.

We hope you enjoy these sales!