Favorties: Renogy Camping Gear


Cool summer nights are perfect for camping, even in your own backyard. If you’re anything like us, you love a good campfire (safety first), storytelling, and sleeping under the stars. No matter how versed you are in camping, even the best of us could use a flashlight or portable charger to make nighttime activities safer. Of course, campers often rely on sturdy, small, and low weight items while outdoors. Here at Renogy, we know exactly what campers need for a safe and exciting outdoor adventure. Keeping these needs and features in mind, we designed the following products at affordable price points to meet our customers’ needs. Happy camping!

Renogy 50W, 100W and 160W Monocrystalline Flexible Solar Panels

Up until recently, solar panels were only available to consumers in glass and aluminum form. What that really meant, was that each panel would be more difficult to store, move, and quickly set up. Solar technology has improved immensely, bringing flexible solar panels to the market. Renogy developed its own Flex technology, and created the 50W, 100W, and 160W Flexible Solar Panels. These solar panels weigh under 6.5lbs (6.2lbs is the 160W Panel) and contain no heavy glass or aluminum. The solar cells are laminated, meaning that the panels will not shatter. Each of these panels can flex to an amazing 248 degree arc! Their versatility and lightweight technology make them ideal for overlanding, boats, RVs, and dry camping.


Renogy Eclipse 100W or 200W Eclipse Portable Solar Suitcase

The Eclipse Monocrystalline Solar Cells are highly efficient, translating to smaller cell size without sacrificing power. The Eclipse cells are relatively new, but highly recommended by our long-term customers. Originally, they were only available in the 100W Eclipse Solar Panels, but because of their popularity, made it into our solar suitcases. The Eclipse Suitcases can be purchased with or without a 30A Adventurer Charge Controller, and all include a built-in stand. Their suitcase design makes them ideal for toting and storing as needed. This is undeniably a great camping companion.


Renogy 4000mAh Rechargeable Camping Lantern

All campers could use a small lantern during their outdoor adventures. Whether it’s to read, light up a path, or flash to indicate emergency, a camping lantern is an essential piece of equipment. This rechargeable lantern can also double as a phone/small electronics charger if needed. There are 5 lighting features, including low, medium, high, strobe/emergency, and SOS, making it perfect for many outdoor activities. The lantern is waterproof and includes a built-in hook for easy hanging from a tent or branch. Take one on your next adventure!


Renogy E.TUNES Bluetooth Speaker

If you love great tunes, a portable battery charger, and practical Bluetooth speaker, then you’re in luck! The E.TUNES Bluetooth Speaker is all of these great things reduced to a small, portable package! The E.TUNES plays crisp, clear sound and up to 10 hours of total playtime. The E.TUNES has a built-in solar panel and can recharge itself in the event of an emergency, and doubles as both a flashlight and 5000mAh portable battery charger! Keep the fun going day and night with an E.TUNES Bluetooth Speaker!