While it may be true that you know us best for our on-grid and off-grid solar products, Renogy is so much more than what meets the eye. At first glance, we look like a company that ONLY manufactures solar panels and accessories, but we’re changing all that. Since Renogy’s goal is to create solar products that can be integrated into everyday life, we’ve designed the E.SSENTIALS product line. The E.SSENTIALS line is made up of useful, everyday products that rely on small solar panels to power electronics. Each product can be used for safety or convenience purposes, and is standing by to provide power when you need it most. Below is a small snapshot of each of the E.SSENTIALS. We plan on adding to this product line in the near future.

E.LUMEN Solar Flashlight:

The E.LUMEN is a flashlight that can be completely recharged by a built-in 3W solar panel. The E.LUMEN has several features that cannot be found on ordinary flashlights, such as a compass, seatbelt cutter, glass-shattering hammer, and a 2000mAH battery that can store a charge to be used on another device, such as a cell phone. The actual light beam can reach up to 200 meters, a great distance if you are stranded due to a vehicle or weather emergency. Since the E.LUMEN only weighs .68lbs, it is the perfect addition to any purse, backpack, or storage area.

E.FLEX 5W/10W Solar Panels:

The E.FLEX Solar Panels come in 5 or 10W and fold neatly for on-the-go storage. Each comes with two carabiners so the E.FLEX can be conveniently attached to the back of a backpack or purse. If you instead decide to use your E.FLEX indoors, it also comes with a suction cup pad for easy mounting. If you choose to use a solar small solar panel such as the E.FLEX to charge your electronics, you’ll never have to worry about finding an outlet. Charge your electronics whenever and wherever there is sunlight. For a truly off-grid experience, use the E.FLEX in conjunction with a battery pack such as the EGO 10000mAH.