Black Friday Deals

The Friday immediately following Thanksgiving is one of the busiest shopping days of the year. After a day full of thanks and happiness, surrounded by friends and family, comes a journey into an overcrowded shopping center full of customers that are not afraid to shove you out of the way to get their hands on the best deals. Quite frankly, some of these shoppers are terrifying. If you’re anything like us, you prefer to avoid the hustle and bustle of the local mall for the tranquility of your own sofa. Online shopping has never felt so good. This Black Friday, we rolled out several amazing deals on products that you already know and love. Some of the deals included 20% off Marine Kits, 20% off Renogy brand charge controllers, and 15% off RV Kits. You can’t go wrong with these amazing deals, so let’s talk about what you can do with your new stuff.

Marine Kits

Marine Kits are the perfect accessory to a boat. Each Marine Kit includes Renogy’s innovative flexible solar panels and a waterproof, highly durable 20A Voyager Charge Controller. Also included is an 8ft 10AWG Tray Cable, 20ft MC4 Adaptor Kit, Branch Connectors, and a Voyager Charge Controller Temperature Sensor. The Flexible Solar Panels can bend to an incredible 248-degree arc, which makes them perfect for irregular surfaces that cannot handle traditional glass and aluminum panels. While boats often have these irregular surfaces, so do a variety of other vehicles and structures. Since the flexible solar panels weigh under 6.5lbs, they are easier to affix to surfaces or store for later or less frequent use. The Voyager Charge Controller is waterproof, meaning that it can withstand splashing from the seas or even some rain. What’s even more amazing is the fact that the Voyager can charge SEVEN different types of batteries. It also features a large, easy to read LCD display. The 20ft extra-long Adaptor Kit also comes in handy because it allows for greater separation between the panels and charge controller. Use this kit to top off or continuously recharge the battery bank. While this kit is perfect for a boat, it can also be used on a shed, at a campground, on the beach, or on an RV.


RV Kits

Renogy RV Kits have been around for a while. Over the years, some of the components have changed, but the RV Kit has always remained the perfect charging companion for RV batteries. The Renogy RV Kit includes standard glass and aluminum 100W Monocrystalline Solar Panels, company best-sellers for over 5 years. Since many RV owners prefer permanent installation, these 100W Mono Panels are ideal because they can be easily affixed to an RV rooftop via the Z-Brackets. The Adventurer-LI 30A Charge Controller is perfect for RV installation because it can be flush mounted to an RV wall. Now here is one of the biggest improvements to this kit: the Adventurer can be used in conjunction with the BT-Bluetooth Module and BT Smartphone App, so you can adjust the solar power system remotely! Since many campgrounds have noise restrictions, solar systems are a great alternative to traditional (noisy) gas generators. The RV Kit also includes mounting Z-Brackets, one 30 ft 10AWG MC4 Adapter Kit, one 16 ft 10AWG Tray Cable, one BT-1 Bluetooth Module and one Renogy Cable Entry Housing. The RV Kit is also an option for vans and ground mount power systems.


Charge Controllers

During the Black Friday Sale, all Renogy brand charge controllers are 20% off! Even the rarely-on-sale Rover Charge Controllers are on sale! As you already know, charge controllers are essential to all off-grid power systems, as they regulate the charge flowing from the solar panels to the battery bank. The charge controller prevents the battery from becoming over-charged or over-discharged, and a higher-end MPPT charge controller can even extend the life of the battery bank. Whether you’re looking to install a new system or upgrade an existing system, a great charge controller is an essential piece of equipment. Act fast to take advantage of the Black Friday Sale!


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