Forget about a weekend downtown. Here at Renogy Solar, we love spending time on the water! It doesn’t matter where the water is- it could be a river, lake or ocean, a day away from land could be leisurely and relaxing, all at the same time! If your mode of water transportation isn’t a rowboat, chances are, you rely at least in part on a battery. A battery is a necessary component of most speedboats, motorboats, pontoons, and even houseboats. Common marine batteries include AGM deep cycle sealed lead acid or gel cell batteries.

AGM is an acronym for Absorbed Glass Matt. This means that the battery is made up of woven glass mat, which increases the surface area. The thin glass fibers do not absorb the electrolyte, and prevent it from spilling when the battery is tipped. Gel batteries are also used for marine purposes, and generally have a longer lifespan than AGM sealed lead acid batteries. Since they are maintenance free, they may be more preferable than the AGM sealed lead acid varieties, but they are also more expensive.

Undoubtedly, batteries are very important in marine applications; they can be used for charging various electronic equipment such as radios, fish finders, or computers. They can also be essential in emergency situations. But what happens when you are on the water and your battery needs to be recharged? Better yet, what would happen if the battery needed to be recharged and your emergency generator wasn’t working?

Solar panels turn the light from the sun into energy, which in turn, can be used to charge a battery. Even if you are stranded in the middle of a body of water, a solar panel can still charge your battery. Renogy Solar Marine Kits come stocked with the items you need to charge the battery on your favorite boat. Each Solar Boat Kit comes with one or more 100W Bendable, Flexible Solar Panel, Dual Charge Controller, Tray Cables, and an MC4 Adapter Kit. Renogy Solar 100W Flexible Solar Panels are especially suitable for marine usage because they can bend to a 30 degree arc, and will not shatter if stepped on.

Take a look at the great solar options Renogy has for your boat!