A Solar Backpack Can Shake Up Your Commute and Camping Trips

Solar backpacks can be incredibly beneficial to hikers, campers or commuters that walk or bike. The Renogy Solar Backpack’s unique design affords the opportunity to charge devices while on the go. This solar backpack also fits a variety of lifestyles and includes all the features of your favorite backpack. Plus, solar backpacks are a green energy source, so environmentalism is built into the design.

Using A Solar Backpack While Hiking, Camping and Photographing 

For the adventurer, getting into the backcountry is important. Even more important though, is getting to your destination safely without getting lost. Keeping a GPS device charged for navigation ensures a seamless arrival. 

Hikers and campers are also typically in spaces where a signal is not available. If you are using a phone for offline communication, it is dire to keep your devices charged in case of an emergency situation.

Renogy Solar Backpacks not only have the ability to harness energy from the sun, but they also have features that make a day hike or camping trip more convenient and keep you organized.

These backpacks are only 2.2lbs, making them lightweight for long day hikes. They are also water-resistant for unexpected changes in weather like rain or snow. This backpack also features several compartments for storage. There example, there is a side pocket to fit a 20oz water bottle and several interior pockets for a cell phone or tablet, snacks, a book, etc.

For the photographer, keeping camera batteries charged ensures capturing those special moments. Plus. this backpack has plenty of pockets to help organize and carry cameras, cables and tripods.

Commuting With A Solar Backpack

The commuter by foot or bike can use the solar panels to charge their technology while on the go to guarantee a productive work day. There is a pocket in the interior of the backpack that can hold a tablet or laptop of up to 16 inches. The solar panel is also detachable for a professional aesthetic when not charging technology.

How do solar backpacks work? 

Solar Panels on the back of the backpack convert sunlight into electricity for clean, green energy. The electricity is then stored into batteries that are used to charge electronic devices. Under full exposure to sunlight for example, the Renogy solar panel will charge a smartphone in 2.5 hours. The Renogy Solar Backpack can also be paired with a power bank, so there is a reserve of power to recharge your devices during the night.

The Renogy Solar Backpack enhances any commute or hiking and camping trip. With the freedom to charge your technology while being mobile, you can spend more time enjoying the great outdoors or getting to work feeling organized and efficient. Mother earth will thank you as well.