In 1938, November 11th was declared Armistice Day. This day was originally dedicated “to the cause of world peace to hereafter celebrated and known as Armistice Day.” Its purpose was to honor World War I veterans. After the United States became involved in other world conflicts, in 1954 congress amended the day to be called Veteran’s Day and became a day to honor American veterans from all wars, and in 1968 the Uniforms Holiday Bill allowed for 3-day weekends for Federal employees by celebrating four national holidays on a Monday, one of them being Veteran’s Day.

When this bill was created Veteran’s Day was moved to be the fourth Monday of October. Most states did not agree with this new policy and continued celebrating on its original date. In 1975 the president officially returned Veteran’s Day to its original date of November 11th where it has remained ever since.

Here at Renogy we want to say a big thank you to the men and women in the armed services who have fought for our country. We appreciate all that you do!