​This Rechargeable Flashlight Will Guide You Through Any Adventure

There are few things more frustrating than fishing your flashlight out in the middle of a blackout, when you’re on your way out to a camping trip, or to make a repair around the house only to find the batteries are dead. Next thing you know, you’re on a wild goose chase for batteries, or on a trip to the store, or fiddling around with candles. That’s exactly why we developed a rechargeable flashlight packed with versatile features, so the struggle won’t get quite so real when you just need a light.

The E.LUMEN-M flashlight has an internal 2600mAh Li-ion battery which you can recharge via USB charging cable. That means you can charge it up via outlet, your laptop, a portable power bank, or a solar generator. Once it’s fully charged, the E.LUMEN-M provides 12-hour bright spotlights and 19-hour floodlights, as well as bright, dim, strobe, and SOS settings. The rechargeable flashlight also works in reverse, serving as a battery you can use to charge your phone or other electronics.

We added in a few other features, however, that make the E.LUMEN-M even more versatile. In addition to being a rechargeable flashlight, it’s also three flashlights in one. Three individual flashlights combine to form the E.LUMEN-M, held together by magnets. Separate the pieces, however, and you have three flashlights you can use on their own or to light an area from multiple angles. Each individual flashlight can also function as its own charger, too, with an internal 2600mAh Li-ion battery in each piece.

Each flashlight comes with its own wrist strap, so it’s easy to keep your grip on the E.LUMEN-M whether you’re using the rechargeable flashlights individually or as one unit. All together, the flashlight weighs about the same as a new jar of steak seasoning from the spice aisle at your local grocery store, manageable for people of all ages. And with a chunky, gripable design, it’s easy to grasp and work for a variety of hand sizes and dexterity levels.

The E.LUMEN-M rechargeable flashlights take 2.5 hours to fully charge individually, or 3.5 hours to charge the entire unit simultaneously. That means that even if you forget to charge the E.LUMEN-M after serious use, it won’t take too long to get back into action. It’s also easy to keep the E.LUMEN-M charged routinely in case of emergency or for last-minute adventures.

Life is full of adventures— some of them more fun and intentional than others. You can even keep one in the car as part of your roadside safety kit, or in your briefcase or backpack so you always have one on hand at the office, gym, or on your transit commute. Be ready for any and all of them with a rechargeable flashlight that’s ready when you are, no batteries required.