'Tis the season!

This holiday season give back to your household with solar powered Christmas lights! Many people love decorating for the season, but are worried about decorative lights blowing up their electricity bill. The first option would be to buy LED lights, which use less energy. They are also more durable than regular incandescent lights, bulbs will not need to be [...]

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Dan Grec and The Road Chose Me Update!

Dan Grec has already covered 5 countries on his trip through Africa! Many on his social media have asked about his vehicle building process. We’ve put together a few details below!Dan had six goals for his vehicle:Strong 4x4, big enough to sleep in, fit inside a 20-foot containerExtremely capable off-roadInterior living spaceImproved sleeping, cooking, eatingAbility to be self-contained [...]

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This Week in Solar News…

There have been several big changes in the solar power industry over the past week. Let Renogy keep you updated with our Top 3 news stories this week! 1.This week a very important energy bill was passed by the Illinois General Assembly. The Future Energy Jobs Bill will direct $235 million in annual ratepayer subsidies to the nuclear plants owned by [...]

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12 Days of Solar

Our 12 Days of Solar has finally arrived! Shop 12 days of deals to get the perfect gift or that kit you’ve had your eye on! You can take a sneak peak of the deals below!Dec. 1st 100W Expansion Kits 12% Off; Promo Code: Day1;Dec. 2nd 50W Monocrystalline Panel $15 Off; Promo Code: Day2Dec. 3rd 60W Solar Suitcase [...]

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The Road Chose Me Update

By Dan GrecFor my first night I make my way to the coast, aiming to stay at a hotel/restaurant run by an Italian that was aiming to sail around the world. When he arrived in Guinea-Bissau he loved it so much he decided to stay instead, and has been here ever since. Unfortunately it’s all closed up for the [...]

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Renogy Gift Grab: Part 4

Black Friday is almost here and we’re here to help you be prepared with info on our best deals! This year we are very excited to announce the release of our brand new solar suitcase using our most efficient Eclipse solar panels. Our 100 watt Eclipse panel has been reconfigured into a fold-able and portable suitcase!For one day only you [...]

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Not your average flashlight!

We have officially added another incredible product to our line of E.SSENTIALS! The E.LUMEN is a flashlight and multi-tool combined into one. You’ll never be left in the dark with 3 watts of solar in a portable and sleek casing. It holds up to 7 hours of power and is perfect for emergencies or everyday adventures. It can conveniently [...]

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A Short History of Veteran’s Day

In 1938, November 11th was declared Armistice Day. This day was originally dedicated “to the cause of world peace to hereafter celebrated and known as Armistice Day.” Its purpose was to honor World War I veterans. After the United States became involved in other world conflicts, in 1954 congress amended the day to be called Veteran’s Day and became [...]

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Renogy’s Gift Grab: Part 3

This week we’re talking about big ticket items for those special people in your life! If you’re looking for a high-quality gift for the renewable energy lover in your life, consider one of our premium kits.Our premium kits include our highest quality products to start a solar power system or even add on to an existing one. Our [...]

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Sponsor Update: BG Captures Love

By Brandon and GabiBrandon and I have had a crazy summer that led into a crazy early fall. We launched our wedding photography business, BG Captures Love, planned our own DIY wedding, drove from the California coast all the way to Boston, completed some long overdue Airstream renovations, finally got married in October, and enjoyed a week exploring Puerto Rico [...]

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