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Purchasing your first solar power system is a huge undertaking, particularly if your plans include an on-grid system. First comes the hassle of researching how many panels you need to purchase based on your power needs. Soon after comes the price comparisons (how much!?!). Then you need to shop around for installation professionals and then finally make your purchase. Here [...]

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On the Hunt for Fall Foliage: New England Edition

Unfortunately, Renogy has never been had the pleasure of experiencing a fall season. Louisiana stays warm throughout the autumn months and sunny SoCal stays warm and dry year round. We can’t complain much about the winter weather, but can’t we all enjoy the fall colors? If you’re planning on taking the RV out for one last joyride before the [...]

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Product Newcomer: The E.TUNES Solar Bluetooth Speaker

What would the soundtrack of your everyday life be? Most of us are constantly on the go. Between juggling work, school, and kids, it’s hard for most of us to remember to carry our phones, let alone a Bluetooth speaker. But what happens when you actually remember the speaker, but forget to charge it? Or even worse, what if [...]

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Midwestern Camping Destinations

So you’re thinking of going on a summer road trip but can’t think of anywhere specific to go. The northeast has the coastline, history, and big cities. The southeast has picturesque beaches, big name theme parks, and world-renowned cuisine. The west coast has deserts, canyons, and of course, SoCal. So what does the Midwest have? Corn? Winter snow? The [...]

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Product Spotlight: Phoenix Generator

Let’s face it: we’ve all been through a power outage. Regardless of where you live in America, at least a few times a year, you will lose power. Severe weather, utility updates and improvements, and construction can all lead to temporary power loss. If you live near the gulf coast, you likely dread hurricane season, because the power may [...]

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Southeast Camping Destinations

Rolling waves, powder soft sand, and beachfront campfires make a visit to the southeast and gulf coast well worth the time and money. Its mid July and while temperatures are high, the spirit of adventure is even higher. Below is a snapshot of some of the best camping destinations in the southeast and along the gulf coast:Chattahoochee- Oconee National [...]

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Red White and Blue Savings

We can’t deny our love for fireworks and beachside barbeques. We can, however, deny our enthusiasm for traditional grid power. Everyday across America, homeowners and RV enthusiasts waste endless amounts of grid power and throw away money to the utility companies. Instead of planning your trips around power hookups, leave your home and go on an adventure. Solar panels are [...]

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East Coast Camping Destinations

Its no secret that Renogy loves camping, especially at scenic campgrounds. We love to camp because it’s a great way to relax, unwind, and reconnect with nature. If you have children or grandchildren, camping creates great memories and can help teach the little ones about the importance of conservation. Perhaps you’ve recently heard about the surge in RV sales, which [...]

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Exciting Summer Road Trips

Summer brings a host of amazing opportunities that just aren’t there during the colder winter months. As soon as the ground begins to thaw and the temps get above freezing, we’re the first to pack up our bags and hit the road to begin exciting new journey. Sometimes our journey is right in our backyard at a local hiking [...]

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Renogy Memorial Day 2017

In the spring, most of America is still slowly defrosting from the harsh winter chill. Flowers begin blooming and the sun comes out just a little bit more, with April showers sure to follow. A famous playwright and poet perhaps said it best: “April hath put a spirit of youth in everything.” That spirit of youth gives way to [...]

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