A Short History of Veteran’s Day

In 1938, November 11th was declared Armistice Day. This day was originally dedicated “to the cause of world peace to hereafter celebrated and known as Armistice Day.” Its purpose was to honor World War I veterans. After the United States became involved in other world conflicts, in 1954 congress amended the day to be called Veteran’s Day and became [...]

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Renogy’s Gift Grab: Part 3

This week we’re talking about big ticket items for those special people in your life! If you’re looking for a high-quality gift for the renewable energy lover in your life, consider one of our premium kits.Our premium kits include our highest quality products to start a solar power system or even add on to an existing one. Our [...]

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Sponsor Update: BG Captures Love

By Brandon and GabiBrandon and I have had a crazy summer that led into a crazy early fall. We launched our wedding photography business, BG Captures Love, planned our own DIY wedding, drove from the California coast all the way to Boston, completed some long overdue Airstream renovations, finally got married in October, and enjoyed a week exploring Puerto Rico [...]

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Tech Q&A: Mounting Renogy Panels

By Stephen CliftonSolar panels are used in many different applications and making sure that the panels are mounted properly is necessary for your system and for your safety. There are a couple of different options for mounting Renogy Solar Panels that vary depending on the size of your panels and the installation application. We offer four different types of [...]

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Renogy Gift Grab: Part 1

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s never too early to start picking out your gifts. For those of you having trouble thinking of what to buy, Renogy is here to help with our handy Gift Grab installments! Today’s topic: Stocking stuffers. Stocking stuffers are great smaller gifts to give friends, families, or co-workers. If you are stuck on [...]

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Tool time!

Renogy’s Multi-Purpose Toolbox is perfect for assisting you in the installation and maintenance of your panels. Read more about the included products below!Crimper and Wire Stripper The crimper and wire stripper are essential tools when repairing your MC4 connectors or creating new MC4 wires. These tools can be used to strip the wire and then crimp the MC4 head to [...]

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​This Week in Solar News…

There have been several big changes in the solar power industry over the past week. Let Renogy keep you updated with our Top 3 news stories this week!1. In a politically charged season there are several hot topics up for debate. One of the most relevant being whether or not a Clean Energy Economy can create or lose jobs. [...]

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​Next Stop: Fiji!

You might remember the incredible journey of the SeaCharger across the Pacific Ocean we shared with you back in July, now this autonomous boat powered by Renogy is making its way to New Zealand!Although it has hit a couple of setbacks, such as cloudy weather and system resets, it is still braving the harsh conditions [...]

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How to Troubleshoot your Solar Panels

If you think your panels are having trouble producing optimum power, we have some troubleshooting tips that might help out!In order to troubleshoot your panels, you will need a multimeter, panel specification sheet, and sunlight of course! All panels that you test will need to be done individually and make sure there is nothing on their surface. The two [...]

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Your New Solar Sidekick: the E.FLEX5!

Built for the adventurer in all of us, the new E.FLEX5 can take you farther than you ever thought possible. This 5-watt portable panel is both water-resistant and has a durable exterior, making it the perfect companion for any hiker, camper, or someone looking for power on-the-go! Its auto-optimization charging recovers power that is usually [...]

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