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Renogy Recap: Great Projects Over the Years

Unlike many competitors, solar has been our main priority since day one. Over the years, we have redesigned, tested, and researched our products to develop cost effective, highly efficient, and safe products that are suitable for consumer and commercial use. If you’ve followed us long enough, you’d already know that our mission is to change the way the world looks [...]

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CA Will Require that Most New Homes Install Solar

           Summer is heating up in southern California, and apparently, so are the rules and regulations relating to renewable energy. Just recently, the California Energy Commission unanimously declared that starting in 2020, (most) newly constructed homes must contain solar panels. To our knowledge, California is the first and only state to make such a mandate. [...]

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Building an Adventure Mobile? Here’s What You Need to Know

Life on the road has been a lifestyle and goal of many travelers for decades. Whether it was Jack Kerouac who first inspired freedom-seekers in the 1970s, or the VW Westfalia, young people to this day still seek the solace that’s found on the road.Current trends like vanlife and overlanding have never been about the vehicles, but about [...]

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Introducing Renogy Tool Kits

The Intro:The US is slowly beginning to slip into the dog days of summer. You know, that time of the year when school’s out, its too hot to sit outside for any extended period of time, and your steering wheel could probably burn your hands off. Right now though, it’s still warm enough to get [...]

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Renogy Flex Panels are Back

A few years ago, Renogy released a 100W flex panel. It quickly sold out, and we realized it was a hit. Instead of restocking, we started redesigning to make it even better. After all, flex panels are great for boats and airstreams, both of which have curved surfaces. If the flex factor isn’t enough, flexible panels are easier to [...]

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National Park Week: 4 Ways to Support the Park Service

This land is your land, and it’s used a lot. From hiking, to biking, skiing, kayaking, and more, our national parks see a lot of faces and feel a lot of use each year. That’s why it’s important that everyone pitch in and support the National Park Service for National Park Week. Starting April 21, [...]

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Please Vote for Renogy in the BigCommerce Design Awards Contest

                        Every single day, we work hard to make sure our customers have an excellent shopping experience. From customer service, to technical support, and even post-purchase support, we’re here to help. Since we launched our first online store site over 5 years ago, we’ve spent a tremendous amount of [...]

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4 Eco-Friendly Products for Your #Vanlife or Weekend Warrior Life

Getting outside and on the road usually lightens the camping load. Whether you embrace #vanlife full time or you’re a weekend warrior, it’s important to choose products that have less of an impact on our environment. Check out these eco-friendly products that you can easily throw in the van, and be on your way!1. Solar [...]

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Solar News: April 2018

Chinese Solar HighwayScientists and engineers in China are developing the blueprint for a high-tech road, complete with solar panels and charging stations. This new “prototype” is designed for driverless cars, complete with mapping sensors. Said features will lie below a transparent “concrete” road spanning 1,080 meters. The solar panels will not only provide power for the charging stations, but also [...]

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The Mountainfilm Tour Features Fun, Fascinating Films

The Mountainfilm is all about the “indomitable spirit.” It’s a film tour and festival that features documentaries that cover an array of topics including: environmental, cultural, climbing, and social justice issues. This tour spans from the Pacific Northwest, to the Rocky Mountains, to the east coast and beyond. Here are five movies that are currently [...]

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