7 Things I Love About Solar

After Living Off the Grid In A Tiny Home For 9 Years

I’ve been living off the grid for a long time. I don’t remember what city water tastes like anymore, and I like it that way. I enjoy the peace that few people get to enjoy these days. There’s a lot to be said for living life with so much freedom. I owe a debt of gratitude to off grid solar kits. I have one that allows me to work from home. I have lights, a radio, and I watch televisions with an antenna. Too many people think that living off the grid means giving up everything. I’ve got 7 reasons to be thankful for solar that just might change your mind about everything you thought you knew about solar.

7 Things I Love About Solar

1. When there is a big storm, I don’t worry about losing power. I can’t tell you how many times my county has had no power because of a storm. I always have power. The truth is that I never know people are without power until I hear about it on the news or notice that my neighbor’s place down the street is dark. It makes me feel bad for all those people who depend on a system that’s not reliable. Solar will work for you right after a hurricane. Imagine if all the people had solar power instead of relying on the grid to get back up? They are cut-off from a lifeline because they have no power. People rush out and purchase generators when they could just have a solar kit that provides power without using fuel.

2. No unsightly power lines are crossing my property. My views are pristine. I don’t worry about living under power lines, nor do I have to look at them. Power lines are ugly, aren’t they? Some of you might live in places where it will cost thousands of dollars to bring power lines to your property. For the cost of a pole and running lines, you can own your power system. You can live more efficiently, and no one can ever shut it off or take it from you.

3. When I walk to my mailbox, I don’t ever have a utility bill in my box. I don’t have to worry that someone is going to come and put a little padlock on a meter that prevents me from using power. There is no stress about getting the power bill paid, and that’s worth a million bucks, in my mind. I remember having that very thing happen. Too many families struggle with utility bills and go without the necessities when they struggle to pay a bill. If you pay late, there will be a penalty fee. If your power is disconnected for nonpayment, you’ll be charged a reconnection fee. You might need to pay a new deposit as well. Go solar and free yourself from all of that. Being debt-free is real freedom. Solar power will put you on that path.

4. My system is virtually maintenance-free. So many people seem to be under the impression that having solar power is hard. You have some general maintenance to do. You want your panels to be clean. This is just as simple as using a hose to rinse them off or wiping them down. That’s a task that I do once per month unless it has been dry. Dry weather means more dust and no rain to rinse the panels. If you have vast amounts of snow, you’ll need to dust that off your panels also. Depending on the batteries that you have in your battery bank, you may need to do some monthly tasks. Unsealed batteries will need some water added to them. Sealed lithium batteries are more expensive, but they’re maintenance-free. You have the freedom to decide what will work best for you, taking your budget into consideration.

5. It’s portable. If I decide to move into a camper and travel around the country, I can hook my solar kit up to my camper and take it with me. When you move from one house to another, you’ll need to wait for your deposit to be returned. In the meantime, your new utility company will want a deposit to turn the power on at your new home. I’ll never need to deal with that ever again. I’ve seen solar panel kits on boats, RVs, tiny homes on wheels, and even on cars. Solar panels can be used for nearly anything that needs the power to function.

6. It’s expandable. Solar power can be bought in kits that any DIYer can install themself. I started with a small kit and expanded with more panels. I expect to add more panels later. My goal is to add enough panels to run my air conditioner. If you are on a budget, like I always am, it’s easy to start small and slowly expand your system. Try telling the power company that. You will pay for every single watt you use from the electric company. When you own the panels to gather your free power directly from the sun, you get to decide how much power you want. Add to your system until you are living the life you want to live, on your terms.

7. The last reason might seem silly to some but resonate with others. I love solar because it makes me feel that I’m doing my part for the planet. Electricity is created by burning fossil fuels that turn turbines that create power like giant alternators. That’s a simplification of the process, but it helps you to visualize. Using electricity created by burning fossil fuels is one of the greatest contributors to the current climate change crisis. By switching to solar, I’ve decreased my carbon footprint, helping the earth. I do my best to use renewable resources now. I even ask Amazon to ship my things in paper products instead of plastic. It’s a good feeling.

Renogy has special kits that include everything you need. Plug it all in and start producing power. It really is that simple. You don’t need an engineering degree. Follow the instructions, and you’ll be plugging things in the same day. Nothing can replace the type of freedom that you’ll feel when you don’t rely on anyone for your power.