4 Uses for Your Portable Solar Panel

Here’s why a portable solar panel can come in handy.

We’ll put it simply: in this day in age, power is important. It’s what keeps a lot of the gadgets we use operating. Laptop and phone chargers plague office outlets because every piece of tech we use must maintain battery power. But how do we recharge in the backcountry?

Nowadays, we like to bring our electronics everywhere, and with good reason. It’s what enables us to take beautiful landscape photos, work remotely, and enjoy the amenities that we do at home.

So, if you fall into that category of wanting to experience the outdoors with a smartphone or provide electricity to your RV, we get it. And we have a solution for you. 

Charge a Smartphone

portable solar panel

You might not be texting on your hike, but we’re pretty sure you’ll want to take pictures. A portable solar panel is perfect for strapping onto the back of your pack, and letting it soak up the sun while you hike. This enables you to charge your phone while you’re trekking, and give you the power you need to capture any moment.

Charge a Laptop or Tablet

It’s difficult to completely unplug and escape work. Sometimes, even on the weekend, you need to login and check your email or jot down an idea for later. That’s where a portable solar panel can come in handy–you can power your laptop in the sun, at your campsite, and get some work squared away before you take in a hike. It’s the ultimate remote office.

Charge a Portable Music Player

Whether you’re camping or hiking, sometimes it’s fun to jam to your favorite playlist. The problem is, a lot of portable music players can’t last for a long hike or a multi-day camping trip. A portable solar panel can ensure that the music never stops while the sun shines. And if you want a portable music player that comes with its own solar panel, check out the E.TUNES.

Provide Electricity for Your RV

Generating power for your RV can be tricky, but portable solar panels are a great way to do it. You can install them on the roof of your vehicle in order to get maximum sunlight. Portable solar panels also help RVers stay off the grid longer, given that they are storing power. It’s a great way to stay on the road for as long as your free spirit desires.