Our 12 Days of Solar has finally arrived! Shop 12 days of deals to get the perfect gift or that kit you’ve had your eye on! You can take a sneak peak of the deals below!

  • Dec. 1st 100W Expansion Kits 12% Off; Promo Code: Day1;
  • Dec. 2nd 50W Monocrystalline Panel $15 Off; Promo Code: Day2
  • Dec. 3rd 60W Solar Suitcase 12% Off; Promo Code: Day3
  • Dec. 4th Adventurer Charge Controller $14 Off; Promo Code: Day4
  • Dec. 5th 100W Eclipse Solar Panel 10% Off; Promo Code: Day5
  • Dec. 6th 200W Starter Kits 10% Off; Promo Code: Day6
  • Dec. 7th E.FLEX5/E.FLEX10 15% Off; Promo Code:Day7
  • Dec. 8th 1000W Inverter $30 Off; Promo Code: Day8
  • Dec. 9th 200W Complete Kit $70 Off; Promo Code: Day9
  • Dec. 10th E.LUMEN Solar Flashlight 12% Off; Promo Code: Day10
  • Dec. 11th 270W Polycrystalline Solar Panel $30 Off; Promo Code: Day11
  • Dec. 12th Stocking Stuffers $75 Now; Promo Code: Day12

Mark your calendars because each deal is one day only! The fun starts tonight at midnight! Call our sales team at 1-800-330-8678 to place an order and start your solar journey.