• What tools do you need to install solar panels?

    Here at Renogy, we strive to produce products that require minimal tools to get you collecting power from the sun. That being said, we have a couple tools that we recommend having handy in your home. Our multi-function plier serves many purposes and will come in handy with any adjustments your system may need, as well covering all your basic needs at home or on the road. When installing your system, our Solar Connector Assembly Tool makes it easy assemble our custom solar connector wires. They make it easier for new and veteran users to quickly and easily tighten and take apart the connectors needed for your system.

  • What tools do you need to maintain my solar installation?

    Solar panels are incredibly low maintenance. We recommend washing off any debris or dirt regularly and using a snow rake in the winter. Batteries are a key component of your system that do need proper maintenance and monitoring. One tool that’s helpful to ensure sustained battery life is the battery voltage sensor. The Battery Voltage Sensor gives you peace of mind that the charge controller is operating as effectively as it should. In certain applications with long line runs, there can be a difference between the voltage measured at the charge controller and that measured at the battery terminals. The voltage sensor is the perfect solution by providing a more accurate battery voltage to the controller and allowing it to adjust the charging stage more precisely. As a result, your battery life will be extended.