• Which is better for me, roof mount or pole mount?

    Pole mounted solar panels are best when you are limited on roof space. However, if you have enough roof space to install the number of solar panels to meet your energy needs, we recommend installing on your roof. You’ll want to insure your roof is in proper condition for mounting solar panels, so if the roof of your cabin is nearing or past the end of its life, you should replace your roof before going solar.

  • How do I know which mount to purchase?

    If mounting on a flat surface, we recommend using our Z-brackets. They come in sets of four and will match the mounting holes behind our solar panels. We also offer tilt- and pole-mounts for other stationary applications. Pole-mount solar panels are best used when you don’t have available roof space. Tilt mount panels work on flat surfaces, but they should be used in stationary situations, i.e. not while a van or RV is in motion.

  • Do I need to mount my solar panels at an angle?

    Tilting your solar panels will increase their ability to collect energy from the sun, making them more efficient. You can tilt your panels with pole mounts or tilt mounts. However, if mounting to an RV or van, having your panels titled while in operation is unsafe. That is why we offer Renogy RV Tilt Mount Brackets. These brackets allow for the mounting of Renogy 100w panels to the roof with the option to position them at an angle. You can simply position them at a tilt while stationary, and then when you’re hitting the open road again, reposition them to flat.