• Do I need to buy fuses for my solar installation?

    Though not required, fuses and circuit breakers are the best way to protect your system. They protect the wiring from getting too hot, damaging connected devices, and prevent fires. There are a few different places we’d recommend installing fuses: between the charge controller and solar panels, between the charge controller and battery bank, and between the battery bank and inverter.

  • How exactly do fuses protect my system?

    If a short was to develop in your inverter, a fuse installed between the inverter and battery would prevent an explosion in the battery. It would also cut the circuit to prevent wires from catching fire or getting too hot. In this example, the wires, battery, and inverter would be disabled by the fuse.

  • How do I know what fuses to purchase for my system?

    To determine what size fuse to purchase, you simply need to match the amperage of your charge controller. For example, if you have one of our 40Amp charge controllers, we would recommend purchasing a 40Amp fuse.