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The Renogy Holiday Gift Guide: New Products, Great Savings

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Here at Renogy, we’re always excited to bring you new and innovative products. As the holidays approach, we’d like to showcase all of the cool and affordable gifts that we have available for that special person on your list. While solar products are normally what you’d think of as higher dollar items, we have many smaller, personal use products that are practical and fun. All of our products are electronics that are designed for everyday use, so you’ll know the gift recipient will make great use their new gift. Let the gift giving begin!

Renogy Rechargeable Camping Lantern 4000mAh

This Camping Lantern is great for the outdoorsman (or woman) in your life. This waterproof, intuitive lantern can be fully recharged, so you’ll never have to worry about going out to buy new batteries. This lantern has several different lighting functions including bright, medium, dim, strobe, and SOS modes. Light up a backyard gathering under the stars or attract attention during an emergency- the power is yours! Weighing only .47 lbs., it’s the perfect size to hang off of a backpack, tent, or umbrella. If you’re looking to charge a mobile phone or other small electronic device, this lantern doubles as a portable battery bank! With so many different uses, its one great gift.


Renogy USB Mini Humidifier

Is your bedroom or office air feeling a bit wintery and dry? Dry air can lead to dehydrated, scaly and itchy skin. The cold, dry air can also be taxing on the eyes, throat and nose. Fix winter dryness with the Renogy USB Mini Humidifier. Perfect at home or in the office, the mini humidifier can be discretely transported in a small tote bag. Whenever the air is feeling dry, just charge through the USB port for an instant fix. It can even be used in a car, van, or camper because its only 6.1x1.7’’! Its ultra-quiet and efficient, making it a wonderful gift option.


Renogy 400A Peak 1200mAh Portable Car Charger

The Portable Car Charger can jump start a vehicle battery or act as a portable battery bank for your most important electronics. This car charger can jump start gas (up to 5L) and diesel (up to 3L) vehicles safely and effectively. Eliminate the need to awkwardly ask a fellow traveler for a jump. No car trouble? No problem! Use the Car Charger to power your tablet, phone, or radio without skipping a beat. This product is perfect for anyone who owns a cell phone or vehicle.


Renogy Outdoor Tactical Flashlight 600-1200 Lumens

Let’s be honest, everyone could use a good, dependable flashlight. Back when Renogy was located in Louisiana, we faced many power outages due to hurricanes and tropical storms. You can trust us when we say that a high-quality flashlight is key to getting around at night. If power outages aren’t expected, the flashlight is still perfect for night hiking, vehicle and home repairs, or plain old backyard fun. The Outdoor Tactical Flashlight delivers a bright vibrant beam of 1200lm. The irradiation distance of this torch light reaches up to 600ft, and the beam can be focused. Constructed out of aviation grade aluminum alloy, this flashlight is practical, dependable, and easy-to-use.


Renogy Solar Backpack

A new take on the traditional backpack, the Renogy Solar Backpack incorporates solar panels so electronics can be stored and charged on the go. The interior of the backpack is spacious, contains compartments for organization, and features lightweight polyester fabric. Under full sunlight, this backpack can recharge a smart phone in about two hours. Perfect for hikes in the woods or around campus, this backpack is both functional and stylish. Purchase a portable battery bank separately for a true off-grid experience.


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