5000mAh Mini Portable Charger 2 PCS

5000mAh Mini Portable Charger 2 PCS
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Designed to fit right in your pocket, the Renogy 5000mAh Mini Portable Charger offers maximum portability for convenient on-the-go charging. The premium 18650 Lithium-ion battery cell contains enought power to fully charge flagship smartphones for 1.3 times. The advanced protection module can prevent your device from damage.

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Key Features

Compact Design
  • Pocket size and light weight make it one of the best choices for traveling and outdoor use.
Backup Power
  • Adds over 2.8 charges to your action cameras and 1.3 charges to your flagship smartphones with the premium 18650 Lithium-ion battery cell.
Ultimarte Safety
  • Keeps your devices from damage with the advanced protection module featuring multiple fail-safe protections.

Package Include


Renogy 5000mAh Mini Portable Charger

Renogy 5000mAh Mini Portable Charger

2 x

Power Capacity: 5000mAh Warranty: 1 year
Mirco USB Input: 5V/2A USB Output: 5V/2.4A
Weight: 4.8 oz Dimension: 3.74 x 1.73 x 0.87 in